The Paperwork

The Paperwork ~ The Legal Stuff

Once you have booked my services, I will send you an information pack to help start designing your wedding day and also assist with the legal process of certifying your marriage.

You will be required to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage. I am required to lodge this no later than one month prior to your wedding date, however we can complete this together as far as 18 months in advance to your wedding date.

When completing this form I will require from each person:

  • Evidence of date and place of birth (Birth certificate and or Passport)
  • Your identity (Drivers Licence)
  • and the end of any previous marriages (Divorce Certificate or Death Certificates)
  • The paperwork required for a legal marriage is as follows:
  • Form 13 – Notice of Intended Marriage. This needs to be lodged a minimum of a month prior to your wedding date.
  • Form 14 – Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage . Completed when we meet.
  • Form 15 – Couples Certificate. This is a certificate of your marriage that we will sign on your wedding day and one you will take home after the wedding.  This is not your legal marriage certificate.
  • Form 16 – Marriage Certificate This is signed during your ceremony by yourselves, your witnesses and me. I send Form 13, 14 and 16 to Births, Deaths and Marriages to register your marriage within two weeks of your wedding date.

Is there any paperwork we need to complete after our wedding? From two weeks after your wedding date, you can apply for your marriage certificate from your local Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry. Currently this costs $53 in NSW

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